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25+ Best Gifts for 40th Birthday Funny Gag Gifts in 2023

They’re official over the hill at 40 years old, and you NEED to remind them of that!

Some say 40 is the new 30, but we’ll stick with the old gag of ribbing them about their age. We’ve rounded up some of the best funny gag gifts for 40-year-olds – both male and female.

From funny mugs to dentures to t-shirts and everything in between – you want to give them something memorable. But beware, they may get you back for your 40th birthday (if they haven’t already).

What did you think of our 40th birthday gag gift ideas?

There are plenty of other ideas – such as DIY 40th birthday gag gifts involving getting a bunch of pain medication and putting together a gift basket, or creating your own design and screen printing it, among many other ideas.

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