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25+ Best Gifts for Dads in 2023

What do dads really want as a gift?


  • To be left alone
  • To spend time with family

But also:

  • Cool gear
  • Cool experiences with family
  • Golfing with friends
  • Sports experiences with friends
  • Cool travel adventures

As a dad I can say this: around 1-2 years in I just had to accept that my preferences and needs are secondary to my family’s. That I get more entertainment and enjoyment in seeing my son play with something, than I do. Partially because I just don’t have time, but mostly because it’s true.

But what is fun for me is spending time with my children doing fun things. I want to go on a hike with them, go to the mall, see a movie, play catch, travel with them, all these things.

But as a gift, one of the greatest ideas is a fun hobby that I can do with them. If there’s some sort of game or STEM kit that brings out my inner child that I can play with kids, lets do it.

On the flip side, anything that makes my life more comfortable, more adventurous, more luxurious, more meaningful, go for it. Give it to me.

Also, you can rarely go wrong with beer or whiskey.

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